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The most complete guide to the safe use of infant swimming rings

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The most complete guide to the safe use of infant swimming rings

When it comes to baby swimming rings, parents always ask a question: Are baby swimming rings really safe? What should I do while my baby is swimming? What are the benefits of swimming for babies?

These are important questions, but you should certainly consider safety first when purchasing any type of baby floater. You must always supervise them. Make sure you are close to the baby pool floats. This way, you can help prevent any security incidents.

The benefits of swimming with a swimming ring:

1. Improve your baby's sleep quality

improve the quality of baby's sleep baby is physically exhausted after swimming and in turn may sleep more soundly*(but there are many ways in which babies can be exercised and it is not always swimming that will do the trick)

2. Promote development

When swimming, baby's skin is in close contact with the water, which helps the development of baby's bones, joints, ligaments and muscles, and baby's chest cavity helps increase lung capacity when squeezed by water pressure.

When the baby uses the swimming ring, it is recommended to lie on the swimming ring or sit on the swimming ring. In fact, the child is tired when using the armpit swimming ring, and then the child will cry.


The benefits of swimming with a swimming ring - laycol

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Precautions when swimming with a swimming ring

1. Be sure to "watch your baby!, watch your baby!, watch your baby!" (say the important thing three times).

2. Choose a clean and tidy environment and a pool with constant temperature and sterilisation.

3. Choose a suitable swimming ring, you can choose a non-inflatable swimming ring: safety first (if the baby is allergic to plastic more attention should be paid).
4. Bring your own bathing towel and swimming ring.

5. It is best to do a simple touch and shower the body with warm water before going into the pool.

6, the swimming time should not be too long, 15-30 minutes is appropriate (if the time is too long, the baby is overworked and may not be able to sleep because of this, which may lead to crying and fussing).

7. Swimming is not recommended when you are sick or have an injection on the same day.


Precautions when swimming with a swimming ring - Laycol


Recommended safe baby swimming ring

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