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Who is layCol

LayCol Baby product supplier

LAYCOL is committed to selling high-quality, high-performance and popular preschool-age children(Under the age of six) products. In order to meet the needs of the majority of chlidren, LAYCOL constantly introducing new products with new ideas, providing better and better service. Put customer's needs and customer experience in the first place,serve customers with heart and soul.

Why do we set up LayCol

Birth of LayCol brand

As we all know, every mother wants to spend more time with their children. After the baby was born, I also quit my job and became a housewife. I remember that the first time I took my baby to swim, she fell into the water inaccident.The baby cried out in fright. That was the day I blamed the most.

Immediately I searched all the baby pool float products, but couldn’t find a satisfactory one. Therefore, my husband and I decided to design one for our baby ourselves.

I choose a skin-friendly material suitable for small babies with a safety buckle.

My husband drew the lovely patterns himself, and the most interesting thing is that because usually going swimming outdoors, we designed a canopy for sun protection.

This baby float accompanies my baby all summer, and our friends with babies also like this baby float very much. I thought, why don’t I sell it myself? Therefore, the LAYCOL brand was born.

Only parents can really know what their children need. We sincerely invite you to participate in whimsy and help us develop more interesting and suitable products for babies.

Wish the lovely baby grow up healthily.

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