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10 Giant Sprinklers That Will Keep Your Family Entertained All Summer

By: :yeiqingxiang 0 comments
10 Giant Sprinklers That Will Keep Your Family Entertained All Summer


“I mean, just look how cool it is!” commented one very excited PureWow editor, ‘it’ being a 6-foot-tall blow-up unicorn sprinkler that everyone on our editorial team now wishes they had the backyard space to accommodate. As it turns out, we’re not the only ones obsessed with the spectacle of a man-size creature that spouts water from atop its shimmering, silver horn—the “ginormous, magical” inflatable beast from BigMouth Inc., a company that specializes in fantastical summer fun, has been selling out all over the internet.

For a lot of folks, Memorial Day and the start of summer means frequent trips to the local pool, beach or lake for a refreshing swim. But due to the on-going coronavirus crisis, those much-needed aquatic adventures are no longer options, leaving us to turn to an old-school favorite: the garden hose. Running through backyard sprinklers was a staple of many people’s childhoods and it looks like the summer activity will be making a major comeback in 2020, albeit with an Instagram-approved twist. We are, of course, once again referring to the gargantuan rainbow-hued equine your backyard is sorely missing.

Observe its luscious multi-colored mane, its glittering metallic horn, its astonishing size! Seriously, this thing is over 6 feet tall, although, no matter how strong your urge is, it cannot support the weight of a human on its back. It can, however, comfortably support the water pressure of a standard garden hose, which is all you need in order to transform this glorious quadruped from colossal lawn decoration to summer-time fun machine fit for the whole family.

As in real life, the wondrous unicorn eludes capture. Unlike in real life, however, this particular plastic specimen is not impossible to ensnare. Multiple unicorn sprinklers have been spotted at Home Depot, while reports of sightings at Amazon have been mixed (fingers crossed for a restock soon). Either way, we suggest you act fast if you want your summer adventures to include such a stunning piece as the Ginormous Inflatable Magical Unicorn Yard Sprinkler.

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